Services & Maintenance :-
B.S. has provided service and maintenance support of highest quality for the past 12 years.
Through out the West Bengal (India) our network of highly qualified technicians provide a comprehensive, professional service and our fully treined excellent local service.
Services & Maintenance Team:-
Our service teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to cover every aspect of pipeline maintenance and emergency repair. Each engineer carries and extensive range of spare parts and test equipment. The service network is backed up by a fully equipped workshop and administration term.
B.S. Preventive Maintenance:-
Any major investment in new plant and equipment deserves to be protected by a professional maintenance provider.
B.S. Medical International is committed to raising standard in service and maintenance and can provide innovative solutions to ensure that your system operates effectively and efficiently.
Medical Gas Test Equipments:-
Test kids allow a competent and authorized person to carry out testing to requirements, ensuring that all pipelines are operating safely and reliably.
Terminal Unit Test Equipments:-
Accurate check of all your medical gas terminal units.
Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems:-
Test and calibration of pressure, flow and vacuum rate.
Emergency Kit:-
For use with an area valve services unit (AVSU) as a backup if that conventional supply fails or medical gas pipe line shutdown is required.
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